Custom catering for small and large events. We specialize in northern New Mexico cuisine but can also work with you to create menus that satisfy your tastes and are appropriate for your event. Our Menu items can be easily customized to accommodate vegetarians, vegans and those who are gluten free.

Weddings, Graduations, Non-Profit Meetings, Quincineras, Funerals, Birthdays and more!

Our service can range from food drop off, to full service (set up, take down, serving).


Entree Menu Ideas

Taco or Burrito Bar
High quality meats (ground or shredded beef, shredded chicken), refried beans, rice, organic lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, cilantro. Topped with tomatillo and red salsa or red chile sauce

Red or green Chile Enchiladas
Corn tortillas dipped in red or green chile sauce layered with beef or chicken and cheese.

Green Chile Stew
Pork or Chicken, potatoes, onions, roasted tomatoes and green chile.
Served with blue corn bread.

Horno roasted sweet corn stew Chicos made form white or sweet corn, roasted in horno, dehydrated for 2 weeks, reconstituted in a stew of pork or chicken broth. Served with red chile. 

Chicken or Pork Sausage topped with sauerkraut
Served on flour or corn tortillas or a bun
Local, natural, antibiotic free sausage with my own crafted kraut.  

Quinoa, Green, Pasta, Black Bean
Local and organic greens, seasonal vegetables

Side Dishes include

Anasasi, Pinto,or Bolita

Spanish Rice
White rice sautéed with a tomato base with onions, garlic, celery

Blue Corn Bread
This is my signature dish. It is locally grown blue corn that’s toasted and then ground into a fine flour, mixed with gluten-free flours that bring out the nutty flavors of the corn. It is topped with sweet cream butter and honey. It’s flavors are semi-sweet and savory. This is the best addition to any bowl of beans!


Cota Tea
This is a wild crafted mild herbal tea.
Lemonade  with fresh mint
Iced Black Tea.

Give us a call (575)770-1973 or send an email, so we can plan the details of your special event.

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