Hello! My naimg_4263me is Margaret Garcia and I am the creator of Taos Real Food LLC. I create custom catered meals and value-added products from the finest locally grown and organic produce available.

I was raised in a big family in a small village of northern New Mexico. Mealtime has always been most important to my family, especially for holidays and celebrations. I grew up playing in and irrigating with our acequias, tending crops in the fields, helping in the kitchen, and cooking with our horno mud oven.

Our region is rich in food traditions and I want to capture the bounty of our local harvests and turn it into products that make eating local, healthy and nutritious while supporting local agriculture and offering convenience to my customers.

I can cater gatherings and celebrations of almost any size. I specialize in northern New Mexico cuisine but can also create unique or common meals to suit your interest.

I also offer value-added products including sauerkraut and other fermented goods as well as corn products from local farms such as atole. We offer several unique flavors of kraut and fermented goods that are made in small batches in earthenware crocks.

We will soon be offering other products such as local apple sauce, fava bean snacks, and other corn products such as posole and masa for tamales and corn tortillas in addition to other grains, flours, and pulses from the fields of local farms.

Call us at (575) 770-1973, email us at taosrealfood@gmail.com, or find us at local markets in Taos such as the Taos Farmers Market or Winter Market where you can have samples of Taos’ Real Food!